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House parties in Delhi are an upcoming and a trendy way to relish the celebrations. Villas for party in Delhi offers spectacular range of amenities and facilities that are so alluring that they literally draw you towards them. Villas for party in Delhi yield an amazing range of amenities with supreme privacy and are situated at mind-blowing locations like Vidhan Sabha, Civil lines, Vasant Vihar and more such posh places.

With the presence of such a zealous and radiant vibe that villas for party in Delhi have, all the highly commercial hotels and stays get a cut-throat competition. PartyVillas has got the best villas for party in Delhi under its wings. Our villas for party in Delhi, make sure that your party becomes and stays the buzz of the town, for a good period of time. Our tie-ups with only the best villas, makes us the best in the industry. With PartyVillas by your side, rest assured to get your party floating high on spirits.


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What are House Villa parties

A villa party or a house party is basically the same thing. This type of party is quite popular in Delhi and the outskirts of Delhi. It is quite common for people to get in a car and go on a long drive to reach a house party in Delhi. A house party is just a cool party at someone’s villa or house, or you can even rent it. It is a great way to have a party that does not have to end. If you and your friends prefer a more low key, chill scene, then this is ideal for that purpose.

House parties in Delhi are usually quite over the top because people go all out. People truly put in time and effort into decorating the space, getting fun lighting, and etcetera. Whether it is a bring your own booze policy or there is a paid bar set up, alcohol is far cheaper at a house party. Since all the booze is bought at the market rate you can afford to drink a bit more than you normally would if you went to a bar. Therefore there is more fun to be had in a more affordable manner. After all, who doesn’t like having more booze at a party, it makes everything that much more fun.

You can easily book villa for party in Delhi and have a house party even if you don’t already own a villa. This means that literally anyone can have a house party, and it is not just for the rich. You can book a villa with a pool and have a fun pool party in the summer. On the other hand, you can book a two-story villa and have an amazing time just partying indoors. Of course, there are also the villas that have incredibly large lawns. Therefore these are ideal for having outdoor barbeques or even just a regular party in the open air.

There are many things that you can do to take that villa party to the next level. Below are some great ideas for how you can make your house party spectacular and unique


How to throw an awesome house party


1. Decorate

Why do people go to pubs and bars or night clubs in the first place? Because they get to dress up, look fancy, and then go to a place which has a great ambiance. The ambiance here could mean loud and amazing music, or simply the fun lighting and decor. As for the loud and amazing music, all you need to recreate that is to have a good speaker system. Every friend group has that one tech nerd who has all the electronics you could want. Therefore finding a great speaker should not be hard. However, you can always rent one for your house party in Delhi for the day.

But the thing that you can do to make it extra special, is to decorate the villa. Whether you want to put up balloons and streamers. Or you want to put up fairy lights and paper lanterns, there is a lot you can do. In fact, you can turn this into a fun pre-party group activity. Everyone can show up a few hours early at the villa for party in Delhi. This way you can all contribute to decorating the room and making it look exactly how you want. You can buy a whole bunch of art supplies and it will be a fun way to spend the day with your friends before a night of partying. Therefore it really is a two in one offer as you get to have fun as well.


2. Food and drink

There are a few different options for what you can do for food while planning a house party. You can always have Chinese food or pizzas delivered to your villa in Delhi for party. These are two cuisines which you can order in bulk and everyone will be more than happy to eat. However, something that most people forget about is dessert. When you are at a party like this, you usually crave dessert at the end of the night but nobody has thought about it. Therefore, if you make some dessert for the party you will be a favorite for the night. You can do something simple like making cake pops, or even just buy chocolate.

This brings us to the next point which is that stalking up on snacks is key. You should always buy an unnecessary amount of chips and chocolates and candy and cold drinks for the night. Because whenever you think you have enough, you really don’t. At a villa for party at Delhi NCR people are likely to show up with their friends. Therefore you should always have extra snacks.

As for drinks, there are many bars which offer to set up in villas for party in Delhi, but it is a matter of discussion with the owners of villas and houses. Therefore you truly could have a live bar counter at your villa party and everyone will be blown away. However, if the reason that you are having a house party, to begin with, is to save some money, this is not the best idea. Therefore you can always resort to the good old Bring Your Own Booze policy and it will be economical. With everyone bringing their own booze, you will also have a wide variety of alcohol to choose from. This also makes the party not only fun but also affordable. However, all these things are allowed or not for that you need to ask them first.


How To Book House/Villa for Party in Delhi?

Booking villas in Delhi for party is a great alternative to the same old boring clubbing and going to bars. Sometimes when you get bored of the same parties in Delhi, this is a great way to change things up. With a villa, you have complete control over how you want to plan the party. You can also come up with fun themes to make it more interesting. Of course, an often-used theme is asking everyone to show up in their pajamas. Additionally, this takes away the pressure of dressing up and everyone can just be comfortable.

However, you can also take a hard right from that concept and throw a big traditional ball. If you enjoy these kinds of extravagant parties but can’t dress up like that to go out. A house party is a great opportunity to do something like this. It makes people think out of the box and come up with an interesting look. And this just adds to the fun of the party and makes it a bit different. Ultimately, so long as you have food, drinks, and good music, your house party will be a success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Villas in Delhi

Which are some low budget Villas in Delhi?

We at will help you plan your function right. The most important thing is to decide your budget, and enquire on Rest is our headache. We will bring you affordable Villas in Delhi. Some low budget Villas are Party Terrace 401West House 205Vasant Vihar House 10, , etc.

Which are the best 5 Villas near me?

The Villas in Delhi come with enough space and parking lawns to help you assist your guests with great comfort. If possible, plan your day in a nearby venue, this way the commute will be facile, and you can keep a close eye on the arrangements. Our website will fetch you amazing Villas in Delhi near your house. Best nearby Villas are Villa 9050villa Dorm112villa 1174villa 2529villa 7676, .

Which are the popular locations for Villas in Delhi

If you are looking to celebrate your big day in Delhi, there are a lot of famous locations to host your party. The top-rated Villas locations in Delhi are Villas in Chattarpur , Villas in Civil Lines , Villas in Connaught Place , Villas in Defence Colony  and Villas in delhi . Visit and fill in your requirement and help us identify your exact needs and preferences and we will fetch you best offers and deals.

How to find reviews and ratings of Villas in Delhi? Which are some Top Rated Villas in Delhi?

Our website,, will help you identify the Villas in Delhi with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. 3 Top Rated Villas are villa 8787, .

Name some Large and Luxurious Villas in Delhi.

There are plenty of large Villas in Delhi. are large and affordable Villas in Delhi. They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

Which are some small and private Villas in Delhi?

There are enough options to accommodate an intimate gathering in Delhi, namely . These Villas in Delhi come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small and private function.

How can you book a Villas in Delhi with the help of Partyvillas?

Our portal’s hassle-free digital interface allows you to do all the searching and comparisons of the Villas and shortlist them as per your choice, within few minutes. brings you best Villas in Delhi to help you plan your day with the best deals and offers. These Villas in Delhi that we provide will make you and all your guests go mesmerized. Alternatively, you can also connect directly to our venue experts if you have any queries or doubts to book Villas in Delhi, at +91 8860038373.