Villas for Birthday Party Venues in Delhi

Who needs to have those monotonous birthday party in pubs, clubs and restaurants when you can book an entire villa for yourself on your birthday to chill and have fun with your friends and family? Have you started planning for your birthday party? Are you looking for a chic and trendy party place where you can set the night alight?

PartyVillas is here to help you out in planning your, this year’s spectacular birthday party in Delhi by offering their wide range of gorgeous and alluring villas with private and intimate settings where you can cut your birthday cake when the clock strikes at 12 with your loved ones.

We at tie-ups with the most surreal and breath-taking birthday party venues in town, offering all the high-end amenities like a villa fully decorated with eye-catching layouts, comfortable bright bedrooms to relax in, spacious living area with a modular kitchen attached. Not only this, but most of the birthday party villa comes with an aesthetically pleasing balcony or terrace café to have a nice chit-chat with your guests.

Book Villa/House for Birthday Party in Delhi

Birthdays. Cakes. Party Hats.

Does that pretty much sum up your birthday party every year? What if we tell you that we can help you in altering a little to make your birthdays from this to the following:

Birthdays. Memories. Mini-Vacation.

Sounds better? Well, we are here to provide you with an offer that you cannot refuse. So fasten your belts, get all excited and let's get started with this birthday rollercoaster ride.


We understand if you get incredibly excited about your birthday. In fact, why should you not be? It is the day that you were born when you started existing. Everything that you are today is because of your very existence. Birthdays are more than just about cutting cakes and receiving gifts (although nothing can really top exciting gifts, you get the drill). This day gives you a chance to be thankful to your life for all the things that conspired into making you, you. It is also a type of refresher that gives you new hope.

It does not matter how negative your thoughts have been or how things did not work out in the past. This added year gives you the opportunity to try again. It tells you to not give up! Thus, birthdays deserve a lot of attention through which one can have the time of their lives during this massive celebration.


Since birthdays are such a significant day, it is a crucial day for others in your life as well. This day gives them an option to express what a wonderful addition you have been to their lives. So to celebrate this day with your close friends and family makes it even more exciting. Indulging in great conversations and games over dainty food and drinks, dancing all night, taking pictures and all other recreations will help you build memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


When we talk about a mini-vacation, we are definitely talking about the venue for your birthday party. Certain small changes in the type of venue that you opt for can bring about a huge difference in your birthday party. The idea of a mini-vacation might sound like something that involves a lot of planning, taking a few days off, and high expenditure. But on the brighter side, we are happy to inform you that you will require neither.

Delhi has an innumerable number of party places like restaurants and pubs that are great for outings but a special day calls for a special venue. We recommend that you ditch all the regular places and opt for a villa for birthday party in Delhi. Yes, you read that right. We have a great list of birthday party venues in Delhi for your special occasion.

Let's get the party started!

Let's look at some of the main features that make villas for birthday party in Delhi a far tempting option that other casual party venues:

  • There are wonderful villas situated in Delhi that not only give a twist to the way you party but also come with various amenities that make planning a birthday party very convenient.
  • These houses for birthday parties in Delhi give you the feeling of a mini-vacation without even asking you to step out of Delhi.
  • You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to Rent a house for birthday party in Delhi. This way you get to be on a vacation without bearing the expenditure.

Thus, opting for a birthday party house in Delhi for your special day will make it extremely memorable. It will definitely exceed your expectations and give you an experience that will be so much more than just a regular birthday party.

We know how confusing it can be to pick and book a house for a birthday party in Delhi. So we have decided to conduct some extensive research so that you do not have to. Here are some of the best choices that you cannot miss out on:

1.  Villa 51:

There have been so many times that we have opted to celebrate our birthdays with our favorite people at home. The sense of familiarity and comfort are the major reasons why house parties work so well. But these parties also come with a number of problems. These include a lack of enough space and amenities, extensive after-party cleaning. So to overcome all these factors, Villa 51 is the Delhi Birthday Party House that provides you with the comfort of home. In addition to that, this place also comes with all kinds of luxuries like a garden, lawn, parking, and even a pool.

2.  Villa 52:

If there is nothing in the world that you will like more than spending quality time with your close ones, you have to book a villa for a birthday party in Delhi. And Villa 52 happens to be just the perfect place for that. It comes with a common area that can not not only accommodate a lot of people but also make them comfortable with cozy couches and cushions. So, gather around with some of your favorite food and drinks and pass the night with great conversations, games, and laughter. Here is your way to truly appreciate the people in your life on your birthday who have always been and will be by your side for more future birthdays to come.

3.  Villa 54:

If you are into adventure and want to return to your scouting days with your friends, you have to rent a villa for a birthday party in Delhi and that has to be Villa 54. Go camping on the terrace garden, have a bonfire, cook some marshmallows and sleep in bunk beds to feel the ultimate thrill.

So, those were some of the best villas to rent for birthday party in Delhi. For further help that will simplify this entire plight, you must visit The website will simplify the choices according to your demands and preferences which will further help you to find your perfect venue match. PartyVilla keeps no stone unturned to provide their clients with the best party experience of their entire lives. Book your party place through today to avail of some of the most unbelievable discounts and offers. Hurry!

Frequently Asked Questions about Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi

Which are some low budget Birthday Party Villas in Delhi?

We at will help you plan your Birthday Party right. The most important thing is to decide your budget, and enquire on Rest is our headache. We will bring you affordable Birthday Party venues in Delhi. Some low budget Villas are House 779House 157Villa 452, , etc.

Which are the best 5 Birthday Party Villas near me?

The Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi come with enough space and parking lawns to help you assist your guests with great comfort. If possible, plan your day in a nearby venue, this way the commute will be facile, and you can keep a close eye on the arrangements. Our website will fetch you amazing Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi near your house. Best nearby Villas for Birthday Party are House 581House 941House 649House 255Villa 172, .

Which are the popular locations for Birthday Party Villas in Delhi

If you are looking to celebrate your big day in Delhi, there are a lot of famous locations to host your Birthday Party. The top-rated Villas locations in Delhi are Villas in Chattarpur , Villas in Civil Lines , Villas in Connaught Place , Villas in Defence Colony  and Villas in delhi . Visit and fill in your requirement and help us identify your exact needs and preferences and we will fetch you best offers and deals.

How to find reviews and ratings of Birthday Party venues in Delhi? Which are some Top Rated Birthday Party Venues in Delhi?

Our website,, will help you identify the Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. 3 Top Rated Villas are House 360House 649House 230, .

Name some Large and Luxurious Birthday Party Villas in Delhi.

There are plenty of large Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi. Farmhouse 106House 526House 204,  are large and affordable Birthday Party Villas in Delhi. They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

Which are some Villas for small and private Birthday Party affair in Delhi?

There are enough options to accommodate an intimate gathering in Delhi, namely House 962Farmhouse 1111, . These Birthday Party Villas in Delhi come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small and private function.

How can you book a Birthday Party Villas in Delhi with the help of Partyvillas?

Our portal’s hassle-free digital interface allows you to do all the searching and comparisons of the Birthday Party venues and shortlist them as per your choice, within few minutes. brings you best Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi to help you plan your day with the best deals and offers. The Birthday Party venue in Delhi that we provide will make you and all your guests go mesmerized. Alternatively, you can also connect directly to our venue experts if you have any queries or doubts to book Villas for Birthday Party in Delhi, at +91 8860038373.