Villas for Diwali / Cards Party Venues in Delhi

We know you all must be very excited as Diwali is just around the corner which implicates it’s time to bring together all the super busy friends and long lost cousins and to have a blasting Diwali card party. Are you looking for a private place where you can invite your guests and host a mind-blowing Diwali Party? Do you wish to spend some personal time with your family and friends to create new memories and go down memory lane at the same time?

How about renting a private villa for the night to have a talk-of-the-group Diwali card party in Delhi? Well, you are in luck as PartyVillas has the most majestic and gorgeous party villa of the town under their radar where you can find yourself a great villa as per your choices and requirements with just a click.

Our pocket-friendly villas for Diwali party in Delhi are built and decorated in the most luxurious way possible and comes with extraordinary living conditions that will leave your guests awe-struck. Our main aim is to give our guests the experience of a lifetime so that you will remember us while planning your parties.

Villa/House For Diwali Cards Party in Delhi 2021

Diwali is not only a huge festival in India but it is one of the most foolproof ways of getting your family and friends together, no matter how far they live. This is the time to light up the house, load up on the bhujia, snacks, and great food (with some booze, of course), and get the cards out for some innocent gambling. In North India, particularly Delhi, it is one of the highly celebrated festivals in the year. All the families light up their houses and welcome the guests for a fun card party followed by dancing, singing, eating, and boozing. However, if you are someone who lives in a small flat that cannot accommodate all your guests comfortably or live outside the city, you can check out a villa for Diwali party in Delhi 2021. Delhi is filled with such undiscovered gems in the form of these homely villas and houses. They are exquisite and exclusive and will make your guests go ‘wow!’ the minute they step in.

These venues will not only meet your expectations of a modern and efficient party place but also far surpass them. Each of the house for Diwali party in Delhi is perfect for anyone who loves intimate and close-knit parties. These houses are economic and a far more private option for those who treasure a rendezvous with their guests. Booking such a house will show your guests that you really wish to extend a warm welcome, despite all odds.

Each villa for cards party in Delhi 2021 is beautifully built with great architecture and planning, the interiors are plush and tastefully done, and some even have lush pools that just seal the deal. The interiors are lush and vibrant yet super cozy and welcoming. And that includes not just the appearance but also the services and the amenities offered by these venues.

People get invitations for parties in venues like restaurants and banquets during Diwali but the charm of house parties is something you can’t beat. These are chosen also based on the fact they make the guests feel right at home without any feeling of getting overwhelmed. All you will have to take care of is inviting your guests and arranging the food and drinks.

While looking for a house for cards party Delhi 2021, don’t forget to keep the following in mind:

1. Try and get a venue that resonates the most with your idea of a cozy home. After all, you would want to extend that kind of warm welcome to your guests during such an occasion.

2. Check all the amenities physically. Microwave, AC, fridge, etc are some appliances that every good villa for Diwali party2021 should offer its guests. These are also some of the basic necessities to ensure that you have everything you need to serve your guests without any hassle. So, it is best to get these crossed off the checklist right before you invest in a villa/house.

3. Make sure that you confirm the restrictions if any. Most will not have any restrictions on music or smoking. However, if the house/villa is situated in a residential neighborhood, it is in the best interest of everyone to get that cleared out.

4. Lastly, make sure that when you are partying and celebrating with your friends and family, you treat the place like your own house. This means that you take care of not causing any damage that might cause further disturbances. After all, if you like the place, you would always want to come back for the next Diwali cards party.

FAQs about Villa House for Diwali Cards Party in Delhi NCR:

How to book villa house for Diwali cards party in Delhi NCR?

If you want to book a farmhouse for private party in Delhi NCR, then you need to either talk with our venue expert or either you need to go via filling the form. You can automatically book the farmhouse easily here.

Why People should book house for parties in Delhi NCR rather than restaurants for Diwali cards party?

As we know, Diwali is an occasion that is meant to bring your loved ones together. And what better than a gorgeous house to do the same? The villas & houses we offer come with exciting amenities, are plush, but feel just like home. They are perfect for private parties because they allow you to maintain the intimacy of one without feeling overwhelmed by the crowd and the noise at restaurants. This is also a far more economical option than taking your guests to a restaurant for a celebration. It comes with the liberty of planning your own party from scratch and being the pro host that you are.

Top 10 Villas for Diwali / Cards Party in Delhi with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Villa 450 Vasant Kunj.Delhi ₹8500/night
House 955 Vasant Kunj.Delhi ₹7000/night
House 624 Shahdara.Delhi ₹10500/night
Villa 470 Malviya Nagar.Delhi ₹8500/night
Villa 356 Shahdara.Delhi ₹11000/night
House 416 Shahdara.Delhi ₹12000/night
House 810 Civil Lines.Delhi ₹9000/night
House 779 Civil Lines.Delhi ₹9000/night
House 157 Defence Colony.Delhi ₹8000/night
Villa 452 Friends Colony West.Delhi ₹10500/night
House 581 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹9000/night