List of Pre Wedding Shoot Venues / Places in Delhi

Capturing the frames, natural moments, expressions, and real emotions against the beautiful backdrops is what a couple demands from a pre-wedding shoot. These photos will brighten up your life, spread laughter and joy whenever you will look at them in near future.

But these pre-wedding shoots take a lot of brainstorming and thought process in what kind of aesthetic you are actually looking for. But sometimes it’s best to follow no particular theme and capture the breezy and uncomplicated photos in the most natural environment, where you two can be your most comfortable selves.

We know the importance of finding the right place for your pre-wedding shoot where you can feel and enjoy yourselves, then how about renting a luxurious villa which is not just the most stunning locations to shoot at but also an absolute treat to live in!”

PartyVillas takes you on a journey where you can find the most aesthetically pleasing farmhouses or villas for your conceptual pre-wedding shoot. Imagine taking pictures, while riding bikes passing beautiful lawns, or in the magic of fairy lights, while cooking or maybe painting each other faces. Sounds fun!! All these fun concepts are the easiest to create in a farmhouse or villa where you two can just spend some quality time together and let the photographers do their work.

We at PartyVillas, understand this sentiment of having one and last dreamy pre-wedding shoot amid huge lawns, by the pool, relaxing in pandora hats with beers in hands. So, for your next summer wedding book a farmhouse and villa with Partyvillas and create your happy memories with us.

Best Pre Wedding Shoot Paid Locations in Delhi

If you see a crew of photographers and light-men on a street or a garden in Delhi, in all probability that is a pre-wedding shoot. Yes, pre-wedding shoots are common nowadays. A pre-wedding shoot is a common norm before a wedding. A group or team of photographers is signed up for the entire wedding package which includes videography and photography of the various rituals and customs of the marriage and the wedding.

Along with these, the journey of the couple to be wed soon is recorded and documented via pre-wedding shoots. The couple, as well as the photographers, plans the shoot which is customized as per their love story. Pre-wedding shoots are extremely fun and create memories that are cherished for years to come. This is where the search for the best pre wedding shoot places in Delhi comes into the question.

If you too are embarking on the journey of marriage with your partner, a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to remember your collective story. Additionally, a pre-wedding shoot allows you to eternalize the bygone years of your love life. So, it is important that you take the shoot seriously. And one of the most significant aspects of the shoot is the shoot location. The background should closely resemble and align with the shoot and your story. It is for this very reason that the necessity for good pre wedding shoot paid locations in Delhi has come up.


Why would you need pre wedding shoot paid locations in Delhi?

Carrying a shoot on the streets can be extremely hectic. Along with the crowd and the disturbance in the street, the streets could also be pretty packed. Along with this, if you are shooting on the streets or in any public place, changing costumes or touching up the make-up becomes extremely difficult. The cacophony and the business of a packed street or road are tough to deal with until you take the help of traffic police. Now that is an elaborate process in itself and takes months to get the permission. The photographers too do not like to go the extra mile to make the effort because of their busy schedule. So, to avoid the extra efforts and pain of arranging elusive government permits, people usually take the easier way out. The promising pre wedding shoot venues are constructed with good infrastructure.

There are quite a lot of pre wedding shoot locations in Delhi. And they are from a wide variety of price ranges which means that these locations suit every kind of pocket and need. Furthermore, you have to worry less about getting permission to shoot in such venues. These venues are extremely easy to book. You will get all kinds of assistance in choosing to form the shoot location that will match your story and needs perfectly. This is not all. These venues are pretty cost-effective as well. So, you will not have to put a dent in your pocket while planning your pre-wedding shoot.


Some Paid Pre-Wedding Locations are:


1. Chattarpur Farmhouse 14:

How does the idea of shooting in front of a duplex villa sound to you? If the idea of booking a farmhouse for your pre-wedding shoot warms up to you, then Chattarpur Farmhouse 14 is a great choice. The farmhouse looks nothing short of a villa in the mountains. This farmhouse is one of the most sought-after pre wedding shoot places in Delhi. And rightfully so becauseChattarpur Farmhouse 14 has all the right amenities to make you look pretty in your pictures.

2. Chattarpur Farmhouse 15: 

Have you visualized your pre-wedding shoot to be around a pool? Are you looking for a venue with an extensive poolside area? If such is the case, then Chattarpur Farmhouse 15 will prove to be the best match for you. The venue has a luxurious pool with an elaborate lighting arrangement. So even if you are interested to take a few snapshots after dark, you will have no difficulty at this farmhouse. There is ample space in the farmhouse to accommodate all the photographers, lightmen, and the crew. The farmhouse also has a tinge on the lawn to give you a variety in the colors and the backdrop. You could also have a small party after the successful completion of the shoot here. So, Chattarpur Farmhouse 15 will overwhelm you with its offerings and services.


Why choose pre wedding shoot venues in Delhi?

Apart from the common favorite pre wedding shoot places in Delhi like the Railway Museum, Agrasen ki Baoli, Humayan’s Tomb, etc., Delhi has recently come up with a number of grand shoot locations.  This is because these venues vary both in their prices and their backdrops. Each of them has distinct things to offer. That is to say, that you will get something different in each of them. To help you in your search for the ultimate pre-wedding shoot venue in Delhi, you can refer to the following ones:

1. Farmhouse 11:

If you are an absolute culture-fanatic and love the idea of featuring your pictures, then Farmhouse 11 is just the right fit for you. The greens at the backdrop will perfectly complement the brightly colored clothes. Other than this, Farmhouse 11 also has a lush green garden area. Therefore, the scope of the place in offering different kinds of pictures here is immense. This century's architectural background will surely enrich your pictures and at the same time attach value to them.

2. Farmhouse 12:

If you want to be closer to nature and take the greenery in your photos a tad bit further, then you can go to Farmhouse 12.  This farm has a plethora of plant and butterfly species that will brighten up your photos. Along with this, the farm has numerous picturesque corners as well. So, you will not run off locations to shoot in the Farm 12. And the biggest draw of this place is that you will be able to find your own corner, for many hours. Furthermore, the entry into this farm can be booked via our portal which is just affordable. For people on a budget, the Farmhouse 12 is one of the best places for a budget pre-wedding photo-shoot.


Why should you opt for partyvillas to book the best pre wedding shoot locations in Delhi?

Partyvillas will help you the best way possible in your search for the ultimate pre-wedding shoot location in and around your area. With our services, we break the myth that pre-wedding shoots are only successful inexpensive forts or destinations. You can have a picturesque shoot right in the heart of the city without spending a fortune on the execution. These pre wedding shoot venues in Delhi listed on our website are all affordable and extremely professional.

Furthermore, our executives make sure that the prices of these pre wedding shoot paid locations in Delhi are in constant check. They are in continuous negotiation with the venue managers of these venues so that you do not have to worry about the sky-rocketing prices. Alongside this, we also provide professional assistance and guidance in all things related to the venues. We have amazing villas and houses for you. You can also book the villa for pre wedding shoot at an amazing price.

Therefore, you will get premium access to the best pre wedding shoot places in Delhi through, to start with the planning and preparation of the pre-wedding shoot, get in touch with us at the soonest. You can click on the ‘Plan your Event’ tab or you could also have a direct heart-to-heart with us at +91-8860038373. So, act now and book your favorite pre-wedding shoot venue before anyone else lays their eyes on it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre Wedding Shoot Venues in Delhi

Which are the best pre wedding shoot locations in Delhi?

A few of the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Delhi are Chattarpur Farmhouse 11 Chattarpur FarmHouse 12, and Chattarpur House 13.

List the paid Pre Wedding Shoot locations in Delhi?

A few of the paid pre wedding shoot locations in Delhi are Chattarpur FarmHouse 13, Chattarpur FarmHouse 14 and Chattarpur FarmHouse 15.

Why to book farmhouse for pre wedding shoot in Delhi via will give you the most picturesque venue for pre-wedding shoots at the best competitive rates. Along with this, you will get unparalleled support from our team of executives and venue experts. So, you should book farmhouse for pre wedding shoot here.

What is the average cost of organizing a Pre Wedding shoot in Delhi?

The average cost of organizing a pre-wedding shoot in Delhi entirely depends on your choice of the venue and the team of photographers. For instance, the cost of hosting a pre-wedding shoot will vary considerably from a shoot in the Farmhouses.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Delhi with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Villa 450 Vasant Kunj.Delhi ₹8500/night
House 955 Vasant Kunj.Delhi ₹7000/night
House 624 Shahdara.Delhi ₹10500/night
Villa 470 Malviya Nagar.Delhi ₹8500/night
Villa 356 Shahdara.Delhi ₹11000/night
House 416 Shahdara.Delhi ₹12000/night
House 810 Civil Lines.Delhi ₹9000/night
House 779 Civil Lines.Delhi ₹9000/night
House 157 Defence Colony.Delhi ₹8000/night
Villa 452 Friends Colony West.Delhi ₹10500/night
House 581 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹9000/night