List of Mehendi / Haldi Venues / Places in Gurgaon

Are you excited for your upcoming wedding and done with all the wedding planning, shopping, invites, selecting your lehenga and so on? Now it’s time to look for  a private party venue in Gurgaon where you can plan your pre-wedding function like Mehendi and Haldi where you can have a blast and click unlimited selfies and drink margaritas with your friends and cousins.

Planning your pre-wedding functions can be a very hectic task starting with looking for a gorgeous party place. But here comes PartyVillas in the picture with its majestic and pretty as picture party venues for Mehendi and Haldi in Gurgaon with all exclusive amenities and extravagant and dreamy settings that will sway your hearts away and leave you spell-bounded.

Popular Venues in Gurgaon for Mehendi / Haldi Ceremony

Pre-wedding functions are an important occasion of one's life. Therefore it is best to organize them in a Mehendi and Haldi venues in Gurgaon where you will find some personal and intimate time just before stepping into the new phase of your life with your loved ones. Party venues in Gurgaon for Mehendi and Haldi function are beautifully constructed in an utmost serene way but still for the to-be-bride we have left a great scope of customization in our party venues. So, that the couple can add their own ideas or layouts if they want without spending too much amount.

With the rise in the covid19 cases again, it is advisable to celebrate your pre-wedding functions in a safe and secure surrounding. PartyVillas offers Mehendi and Haldi venues in Gurgaon for that are highly maintained and are regularly monitored by the venue experts to check the cleanliness facilities. Moreover, these party places follow every guideline and take necessary precautions set by the government to keep guests safe and sound.

Mehendi and Haldi venues in Gurgaon are loaded with all kind of high-end amenities and necessary electronic appliance so you don't have to carry stuff along. We aim to provide our guests with a sit back environment where they can relax and feel happy.


Top 5 Venues in Gurgaon for Mehendi / Haldi Ceremony

Here are some of the gorgeous Mehendi and Haldi party places in Gurgaon that offers unmatchable hospitality and homely vibe with their surroundings.

1. Farmhouse 78

Located in the most renowned and famous location of Manesar, Farmhouse 78 can be your best deal when it comes to renting a Mehendi and Haldi venue in Gurgaon. If you want to plan your pre-wedding functions in a fancy and royal way that will make you feel like the princess of the movies, then make your way to this gorgeous and breath taking party venue as it offers a wide variety of unrealistically amazing amenities at affordable pricing. To impress your high-profile guests, this farmhouse in Gurgaon for Mehendi and Haldi provides two comfortable and spacious bedrooms with comfy queen size beds, fancy couches and also a fireplace for a chilly winter night. Moreover, if you are bringing your own vehicles then there is ample parking space just by the side of the huge lawn area.

Location- Manesar

Price- 23000/night


2. Farmhouse 116

If you want to experience the royal and luxurious pre-wedding functions in your lifetime then try booking farmhouse 116 in Manesar situated in peaceful and calm surroundings, which is extremely affordable. This precious Mehendi and Haldi venue in Gurgaon is as pretty as picture with high-profile amenities like a spacious garden area with gorgeous floral shed and plants on the sideways, grandeur and fancy living area space having classic white and cream couches and sofa sets, basic lamp chandeliers, wooden furniture, a separate dining area with a modular kitchen attached. So, spend the last few days of your singlehood with your friends and family by booking an aesthetically pleasing Mehendi and Haldi venue in Gurgaon.

Location- Manesar



3. Farmhouse 979

If you wish to plan an extravagant and fancy Mehendi and Haldi party in a party venue with a peaceful and comforting surrounding, then make your way to this gorgeous party place in Gurgaon called Farmhouse 979. To deliver the taste of elegance and royalty this Mehendi and Haldi venue in Gurgaon is the right choice as it has eye-catching exteriors that go well with basic yet elegant interiors. The whole party place in Gurgaon is painted with basic white colour that contrasts with the wooden furniture, staircase, bookshelves, rocking chair, decorative pieces, and what not! Moreover, there is plenty of comfortable and relaxing room with an attached balcony area, well-sanitized bathrooms having either jacuzzis or bathtubs and separate shower sections. Additionally, a balcony cafe, gaming room with a snooker table, swimming pool, a little backyard are there to increase its popularity among the others.

Location- MG Road

Price- 23000/night


How to book a Mehendi / Haldi venue in Gurgaon?

With partyVillas, booking a Mehendi and Haldi venue is not a very challenging task. As all you have to do is visit our user-friendly portal and our venue experts will take up all your queries and guide you with all the gorgeous private party places in Gurgaon where you can spend some quality time with your family while celebrating your last few days of singlehood. Our experts will make sure that you will get the dreamy pre-wedding function experience that you have in your mind.

1. On our website, there is an inquiry form where you have to fill in the details like location, booking date and venue type.

2. The page with the desired venues types for you will open up, for you to compare and analyse which Mehendi and Haldi place in Gurgaon you like the most.

3. Mention your contact details like email and phone number, and you will get access to all the amazing tie-ups we have under our radar. These listings would come with detailed amenities and photos that would aid you to select and finalize better.

To discuss further your booking, you would be forwarded to our venue experts, who would then contact you over a call as soon as possible and would aid to satiate your query. You can also opt to directly call and talk to our venue experts on the number 8860038373.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Gurgaon with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Farmhouse 78 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 491 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 116 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹21250/night
Farmhouse 61 Baliawas.Gurgaon ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 382 Aravali.Gurgaon ₹28500/night
Farmhouse 979 MG Road.Gurgaon ₹24500/night
Farmhouse 483 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹19250/night
Farmhouse 312 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 255 DLF Phase 3.Gurgaon ₹19250/night
Farmhouse 238 Sector 9.Gurgaon ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 400 Sector 47.Gurgaon ₹24500/night