List of Private Party Venues / Places in Ghaziabad

Do you wish to seek a perfect party venue in Ghaziabad for your upcoming private party to sit back and relax with your friends and family to release all the stress and kick start the upcoming week? To host an alluring talk-of-the-town private party the first step is to book a party venue that would steal your hearts away from your guests.

For this momentous occasion to be more special, PartyVillas here has the best and the most profoundly elaborate listings of private party places like farmhouses and villas in Ghaziabad that speaks sophistication and elegance in every way. Our online portal has in-numerous tie-ups with the most budget-friendly, surreal and bizarre party venues in Ghaziabad for a private party. Our main aim at PartyVillas is to give you the chills of excitement that will remain in your heart forever. Our client's satisfaction and the success of your party is our supreme reward.

Top Private Party Places in Ghaziabad

If you wish to throw away the hectic week and want to slide into the party vibes then what are you waiting for? We are sure that your super busy friends and cousins are thinking the same thing. Why not host a private party along the poolside to beat the blazing sunrays and invite all your friends over to a private party venue in Ghaziabad that you have booked for your picturesque and glorious party.

Well, you are in luck as we at PartyVillas understand the concern of our clients and thus have tie-ups with the best farmhouses and villas in Ghaziabad for a private party with the most desirable and worthwhile amenities like gigantic lawns and a humungous swimming pool, lawns, big indoor living area, clean and hygienic restrooms, and more.

Apart from the necessary pointers on the checklist, Party venues in Ghaziabad for the private party are secluded in the safe surroundings where your guests can feel themselves in the arms of nature and can breathe non-polluted air, experiencing life in the countryside even if it’s just for the weekend.

With the increase in the cases of Covid19, it's for the best to ditch the overcrowded party places like bars, pubs, and clubs, instead, go for something private and intimate like private property such as farmhouses and villas in Ghaziabad. The party venue in Ghaziabad yields the time and space for you to be with your loved ones, friends and family. It also offers you a very intimate setting and gives you the liberty to celebrate your private party with your family and friends without the unnecessary crowd, away from the hustle-bustle of the boisterous city rose.

Party Venues for a private party in Ghaziabad like farmhouse or villas offer unparalleled luxury and class, with the amenities like huge widespread lush green lawns surrounding the whole property, a well sanitized and hygienic swimming pool in the backyard, spacious sunlit bedrooms with wooden flooring that goes perfectly with the artsy interiors of the party venue. Apart from that, the party venue in Ghaziabad has aesthetically pleasing exteriors of balcony having canopies that make our guests awe-struck and mesmerized. The kitchen is attached to the living room making it more commodious and also, the party venues in Ghaziabad have enough parking space for their guests so they don’t have to face any difficulty while travelling.

All the party venues that come under PartyVillas for the private party are nestled in the outskirts of Ghaziabad making it easier for the localities to rent them over the weekend as a hangout property. Moreover, the party venues possess gorgeous terrace spaces with the spectacular night sky of Ghaziabad overhead, it is just fabulous to have a great evening with your loved ones, friends, and family at one of the pretty party venues in Ghaziabad for a private party. With the availability of that, it’s easier to have a spectacular barbeque party on the terrace which is everyone’s favourite, and also the crowd-pleaser.


The benefits of choosing a PartyVillas party venue for a private party in Ghaziabad-

1. With the spectacular pool being available at the farmhouses for a private party in Ghaziabad, you can also host the craziest of all private pool parties for our guests to set the night alight.

2. With the availability of a surround sound music system and exclusive space, you can relax about privacy and having an intimate space with your loved ones.

3. With such a venue filled with amenities that are versatile and fabulous, both indoors and outdoors, you can be sure that your party would be in the limelight of a party in the city.

How to book a private party venue with PartyVillas?

Our user-friendly online portal allows the users to view more such fabulous and fantastic private party venue in Ghaziabad for a private party, visit our portal and by simply putting in your desired Location, Date for your party, the Venue type, you get our superb listings in the category for a party venue for a private party in Ghaziabad. Alternatively, you can also connect directly to our venue experts to satiate any queries or doubts that you may have, at +91-8860038373

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Ghaziabad with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
House 400 Indirapuram.Ghaziabad ₹7000/night
House 438 Sahibabad.Ghaziabad ₹9000/night
House 447 Ashok Vatika.Ghaziabad ₹7500/night
Farmhouse 965 Meerut Bypass Rd.Ghaziabad ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 303 Ashok Vatika.Ghaziabad ₹24500/night
Farmhouse 882 Tyagi Vihar.Ghaziabad ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 539 Indirapuram.Ghaziabad ₹20000/night
Farmhouse 21 Sahibabad.Ghaziabad ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 460 Meerut Bypass Rd.Ghaziabad ₹24500/night
Farmhouse 316 Tyagi Vihar.Ghaziabad ₹25000/night
House 400 Indirapuram.Ghaziabad ₹7000/night