List of Mehendi / Haldi Venues / Places in Delhi

If your best friend or sister is getting married and you are looking for mehendi party venues in Delhi, then you are at the right place. PartyVillas has compiled a list of all farmhouses in Delhi for Mehendi. These party venues in Delhi are fully equipped with all necessary requirements to cater to its guests.

We too have a list for haldi party venues in Delhi. In fact, both these party places in Delhi allow you to host all types of wedding functions be it haldi, mehendi or stay. These farmhouses in Delhi for Mehendi are spacious, beautiful and welcoming.

Villas in Delhi for mehendi or haldi can also be a good choice. They are equally welcoming and take care of all the amenities the guests may need to have a fulfilling experience. These party venues in Delhi can be customised for both mehendi and haldi functions as per your need.

Mehendi and Haldi Venues In Delhi - Know The Top Venues and How To Book Venues

Dilwalo ki Delhi welcomes everyone with open arms, that is why it is one of the most crowded places to be in. People here carry warmth and love in their hearts and are super excited about weddings. Sounds like a lively place? It surely is with the best party places, farmhouses and villas to host any wedding or its event.

Why choose villas in Delhi for Mehendi?

Being the capital of the country, Delhi is very well connected via rail and road transportation. Along with that, it is full of facilities for every budget and there’s a lot of jugaad that works in Delhi. It is actually one of the coolest places to have a wedding or any of its related events.

Booking separate hotel rooms in Delhi can affect your pocket and coordinating with each family for their food and other requirements will not allow you to enjoy the wedding. Take an easy way out of this by booking a farmhouse in Delhi for Mehendi and other events. This will help you coordinate with all the gharatis and baratis at the same time in the same venue.

During marriages, it's better to have less chaos and more enjoyment because that’s what weddings are for. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose villas in Delhi for Haldi:

Open Space - Mehendi party venues in Delhi are quite spacious provided they are villas or farmhouses. These party venues in Delhi come with a lot of open space to hangout. This space can be used to organise mehendi or haldi ceremonies in open adding to the overall aesthetic experience.

Pocket friendly - It is better to book a place for haldi party in Delhi and also use it as a stay for guests and relatives. Both mehendi and haldi rituals can be performed here and this place can be very well used to keep luggage and other wedding related stuff.

Convenience - The comfort of taking a farmhouse in Delhi for haldi can help you enjoy the rest of the wedding functions. It’s space can be used for parking and easy movement of guests and family. The facilities it provides are enough to fulfil guests requirements till they stay in.

Customisation - These haldi party venues in Delhi can be customised as per your taste, add motifs or fairy lights, use it as your own till the time you have booked it for. Use a green drape to give it a mehendi party venue in Delhi look. Make full use of the space to make it look like never before.

Before you go ahead and book any venue for haldi party in Delhi, don’t forget to check that it's hygienic, comfortable, properly cleaned two days before the guests arrive, safe and is in close vicinity to the wedding venue and has necessary stores for essential purchases.

Top Haldi or Mehendi Party Places in Delhi

Check the top Mehendi/ Haldi party venues in Delhi given below:

1> Farmhouse 262

Located in Chattarpur, this farmhouse in Delhi for Mehendi is simply beautiful. This party place in Delhi has all modern day facilities thatwill help guests have a comfortable stay. It provideswifi, refrigerator, microwave, crockery, A/C and convenient parking.

2> Farmhouse 106

Located in Chattarpur, this farmhouse for haldi party venues in Delhi is a comfortable stay with all necessary facilities like wifi, refrigerator, parking, microwave, crockery and A/C. This party venue in Delhi has a modular kitchen, private pool, cosy bedrooms and a lawn. You have access to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes here.

3> Farmhouse 103

A sophisticated party place in Delhi, this property is located in Dwarka. A simple and sober venue for haldi party in Delhi, it will offer you all necessary facilities along with a modular kitchen, large living area and front lawn. It gives you access to wifi, refrigerator, parking, microwave, crockery and A/C.

4> Farmhouse 558

This farmhouse in Delhi for Mehendi is located in Mehrauli. It is one of the classy properties you will come across in Delhi. This villa in Delhi for Mehendi has a stunning living area, modular kitchen, beautiful bedrooms, private pool and an amazing view to offer. It comes with facilities with refrigerator, microwave, crockery, A/C and a convenient parking, There is no restriction for non-vegetarian dishes here.

We at PartyVillas analyse and contact every property manager to get the best quote for you without any compromise in facilities and comfort.

Feel free to speak to our venue experts anytime on the following number - 8860038373.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Delhi with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Farmhouse 262 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 106 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹20000/night
Farmhouse 103 Dwarka.Delhi ₹20000/night
Farmhouse 558 Mehrauli.Delhi ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 297 Sainik Farm.Delhi ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 670 Sainik Farm.Delhi ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 915 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹18000/night
Farmhouse 79 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹18000/night
Farmhouse 116 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 94 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 130 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹28500/night