List of Popular Party Venues / Places in Gurgaon

Are you searching for the best party place in Gurgaon? Are you hosting a spectacular talk-of-the-town party and looking for the chic, well-known and frequently booked party venue in Gurgaon? To beat the scorching heat as the temperature is rising why not book a party place like a farmhouse or villa in Gurgaon where you can host a surreal swimming pool party?

PartyVillas has enlisted the most popular party places in Gurgaon where you can throw a corporate party, pool party, birthday party, the private party under its wings. PartyVillas has tie-ups with all the gorgeous and magnificent party venues in Gurgaon that speaks sophistication and elegance in every way. Your guests will be stunned by the eye-catching layouts and breath-taking party venue to cherish the time of your life with your family and friends.

Our professional team of venue experts will provide you with a list of pocket-friendly party places in Gurgaon that is suitable for your private party in Gurgaon perfectly according to the set criteria to set your night alight.

Best Party Venues In Gurgaon/Gurugram

Gurgaon is mostly known to everybody as an industrial tech IT hub and hotspot. After all, everyone thinks that the city is full of serious office goers in uniforms. However, that is a great. The people in Gurgaon also know how to party pretty well. In addition to that, they also have everything you need to organize a really fun party.

You will find cool and hip bars, pubs, discotheques, lounges here that are great for a night out with your friends. You will also find wonderful restaurants and cafes that are perfect for some relaxing time with your family and friends to catch up in peace and eat delicious food. In short, there is no dearth of amazing party venues in Gurgaon.


What Kind of Party Venue Are You Looking For?

In addition to that, if you want to go to a separate venue and organize a party just for your desired guest list, there are suitable venues for that as well! Gurgaon has farmhouses and villas which would serve as perfect venues for party in Gurgaon. We may often organize a party that requires a big venue for a day or so, or we may want to have a party with nobody around – for those situations, these farmhouses and villas are the best choice.

Consequently, we do not have to turn to restaurants or lounges anymore. We can just book a farmhouse or a villa and have fun in peace. In addition to that, these venues are also pretty far from the hustle and bustle of the main city so you can relax in perfect peace and harmony surrounded by nature.


Kind of Party

The kind of venue that you book will depend on the kind of party you want to organize. A farmhouse or villa extensively just for your use would be best suited for weekend retreats with your family. It could also be for a family get-together or reunion. You might even organize a college batch reunion party or an outing with just your friends. If you want to organize your friend’s birthday party or bachelorette party on a big scale, the best party venues in Gurgaon will also be great for that. Depending on the type of party you will host and the number of guests you will invite, you can start looking for venues accordingly.


Host fun poolside parties!

If you are hosting a party during the summer, booking a venue with a big lawn and pool would be a great idea. Sohna Road has quite a few farmhouses which will be ideal for a perfect summer party. Farmhouse 17 and 19 have big pools where the children can play around in all day.

They are also great to swim in and cool off from all the heat. They also have enough poolside space where you can lounge around all day under the sun. If the weather permits, you can even set up small tents or canopies on the lawn and set up tables and chairs for a nice afternoon brunch or lunch.

The best venues in gurgaon for parties also come with big lawns and a backyard so you can get a true taste of nature. The big, green, lush lawns that you will get with these farmhouses are an added special feature that could really elevate the mood of your party!

Consequently, the children and adults in your party will greatly enjoy themselves as they play a game or two. If you are in a party with your friends, at night you can have the lawn decorated with beautiful fairy lights. In addition to that, if you can arrange for a sound system, then everyone can have a wonderful time under the sky in open air with soothing music in the background.


Why host a party in these venues?

Party venues Gurgaon are known for how flexible and easily accessible they are. Consequently, if you book a villa for your child’s birthday party – you can decorate it as you like without restrictions. Subsequently, hosting parties is no longer a huge burden. Just look for a nice party venue in Gurgaon that suits your requirements and have a great time.


Which are the most trending party venues in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is full of great party venues which are really popular among all partygoers. Some of the most trending party venues would be – Sec 57 Villa – 59, Sec 46 Villa – 58A and 58B, Sec 31 Villa – 57A. There are also great farmhouses such as the ones in Sohna Road (Sohna Road farmhouse 17,18,19).

What is the Avg. Cost of Event Venues in Gurgaon?

The cost of event venues in Gurgaon vary from one venue to another depending on the kind of venue you are looking for. On an average, costs of event venues in Gurgaon are approximately Rs. 12,990 per night. You can further discuss and negotiate the price with the owners of the venues or through PartyVillas website. The advance booking amount can also be confirmed through PartyVillas. Consequently, once you are certain and have fixed the booking price and cost of the event venue, you can go ahead and book the venue you prefer for your party.

How PartyVillas Can Help Me in booking the party venue?

Organizing a party can be a really tough task especially if you have got no help and are doing it along with your other daily work commitments. After all, it entails so much work and effort starting from looking for the right venue to decorations and caterers and more. Subsequently, you need to look for the venue that will lighten your load considerably. Everybody would prefer to do their booking through the internet in such an easy manner.