Villas for Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon

Are you searching for the best villa or house for a birthday party in Gurgaon? Are you hosting a spectacular talk-of-the-group party and looking for the chic, well-known and frequently booked party venue in Gurgaon? To beat the scorching heat and rising temperature, why not book a private party place like a villa in Gurgaon where you can host a surreal birthday party?

PartyVillas has enlisted the most popular villas in Gurgaon where you can throw a birthday party the way your wish under its wings. PartyVillas has tie-ups with all the gorgeous and magnificent party venues in Gurgaon that speaks sophistication and elegance in every way. Your guests will be stunned by the eye-catching layouts and breath-taking party venue to cherish the time of your life with your family and friends.

Our professional team of venue experts will provide you with a list of pocket-friendly party places in Gurgaon that is suitable for your private party in Gurgaon perfectly according to the set criteria to set your night alight.

Best Villa/House for Birthday Party in Gurgaon

Are you bored with the same kind of birthday parties every year? Would you like to do something different this upcoming birthday? How does the idea of booking a house for birthday party celebration in Gurgaon sound? Interested? Read more to find out.

Birthdays are without a doubt one of the most important and most beautiful celebrations of all time. Even though this day seems to pop up every year, we never really get bored. The excitement and the anticipation keep us going because after all, it is the day that is entirely dedicated to us. It is my day and nobody can take it away from me.

The birthday cake, the candles, the gifts, and most importantly, the parties are something that we all look forward to each year. These birthday parties play a very crucial role in making the birthday boy or girl feel extremely special. This day is not just another excuse for partying. It also provides others the opportunity to make the person understand how much they care and love them.

Thus, birthdays are definitely a big deal. It does not matter how old the person is but a birthday positively deserves a grand party.

If there is one place in India that probably has the chance of winning the award of the best birthday party place, it has to be Gurgaon. We cannot stress the fact enough that Gurgaon has all the means to make a birthday party a huge deal that you will never forget. The people, the energy, the warmth, and the welcoming nature of this place are so contagious that you cannot resist yourself from gaining some of that stamina from the citizens.

Gurgaon is home to a variety of unique party venues that no one ever imagined could exist. From wonderful themes to great architecture, Gurgaon has covered it all. The next best thing that is on the verge of rising to be a people's favorite is a house for birthday party in Gurgaon.  We know, it sounds very new and unsettling right now but let us help you with some analysis:

1> Houses for birthday parties in Gurgaon are beautiful venues with huge spaces that not only accommodate a lot of people but also give you a lot more space to work with.

2> Booking these villas is like taking a short trip away from the city but without the same expenses.

3> The ambiance gives you a great opportunity to just unwind and take a break from the monotony of your daily routine.

4> It is a great option if you want to just spend some quality time with people who really matter to you without bothering about the strangers in the restaurant or club.

Trending House/Villa for Birthday Party Celebration

Therefore, a birthday party cannot find a better match than that of a villa. There are some awesome villas for birthday parties in Gurgaon that you definitely should take a look into. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be mesmerized with the sheer beauty of the following:

1> Sec 42 Villa - 55A

This particular house in Gurgaon for birthday party has been one of the most popular and best-reviewed places. The amenities and the quality of services that the place provides really make party planning hassle-free. The elegant decor and the simplicity of the place make it extremely pleasing.

2> Sec 31 Villa - 57A

We always love the comfort of our homes, don't we? Villa 57A happens to be that villa in Gurgaon for birthday party that offers you just that. It is a home away from home and therefore, provides you with just the right comfort space without the trouble. 

Visit PartyVillas today to check out some more places that will change the very manner in which you party. It is user-friendly and booking a venue does not take more than a few minutes. So hurry now before someone else books your favorite venue.

Frequently Asked Questions about Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon

Which are some low budget Birthday Party Villas in Gurgaon?

We at will help you plan your Birthday Party right. The most important thing is to decide your budget, and enquire on Rest is our headache. We will bring you affordable Birthday Party venues in Gurgaon. Some low budget Villas are Villa 270House 215Villa 591, , etc.

Which are the best 5 Birthday Party Villas near me?

The Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon come with enough space and parking lawns to help you assist your guests with great comfort. If possible, plan your day in a nearby venue, this way the commute will be facile, and you can keep a close eye on the arrangements. Our website will fetch you amazing Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon near your house. Best nearby Villas for Birthday Party are Villa 111Villa 565House 463House 636House 305, .

Which are the popular locations for Birthday Party Villas in Gurgaon

If you are looking to celebrate your big day in Gurgaon, there are a lot of famous locations to host your Birthday Party. The top-rated Villas locations in Gurgaon are Villas in DLF , Villas in DLF Phase 3 , Villas in Golf Course Road , Villas in MG Road  and Villas in Sector 22 . Visit and fill in your requirement and help us identify your exact needs and preferences and we will fetch you best offers and deals.

How to find reviews and ratings of Birthday Party venues in Gurgaon? Which are some Top Rated Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon?

Our website,, will help you identify the Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. 3 Top Rated Villas are Villa 842Farmhouse 382Farmhouse 979, .

Name some Large and Luxurious Birthday Party Villas in Gurgaon.

There are plenty of large Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon. Farmhouse 483Farmhouse 312Farmhouse 169,  are large and affordable Birthday Party Villas in Gurgaon. They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

Which are some Villas for small and private Birthday Party affair in Gurgaon?

There are enough options to accommodate an intimate gathering in Gurgaon, namely House 305Farm 3344, . These Birthday Party Villas in Gurgaon come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small and private function.

How can you book a Birthday Party Villas in Gurgaon with the help of Partyvillas?

Our portal’s hassle-free digital interface allows you to do all the searching and comparisons of the Birthday Party venues and shortlist them as per your choice, within few minutes. brings you best Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon to help you plan your day with the best deals and offers. The Birthday Party venue in Gurgaon that we provide will make you and all your guests go mesmerized. Alternatively, you can also connect directly to our venue experts if you have any queries or doubts to book Villas for Birthday Party in Gurgaon, at +91 8860038373.