List of Wedding Venues / Places in Faridabad

Are you soon going to get hitched and are planning to have a grand and extravagant wedding in a private party venue more like a farmhouse or villa where you can invite your close family members, friends or acquaintances to witness the direct-out-of-heart wedding? If yes, then make your way to PartyVillas your one-stop destination that will make your dream come true!

PartyVillas as a renowned venue provider in the industry has the tie-ups with the most breath-taking and sophisticated wedding places in Faridabad that will sway your heart away and make you feel like the princess of a fairytale. The private party venues that come under our radar have seen the most fabulous and surreal weddings of all times in our alluring marriage halls in Faridabad.

List of Top Wedding / Marriage Venues Faridabad

PartyVillas, can ensure you, these state-of-the-art party places in Faridabad serve flabbergasting amenities like a comfortable resting area for guests, neat and hygienic washrooms, music facilities, gymming and gaming room spacious and radiant full of life bedrooms and an attached modular kitchen.

One of the major questions that arise while selecting a wedding venue in Faridabad is how far the venue is. So, we have tie-ups with the worthy eye-catching party places that are settled in posh localities, that too in the non-polluted area where you can feel safe and secure.

We are completely sure that every bride must have thought about a certain theme while planning her wedding. Therefore, we have come up with the challenge of fitting customization if required. You can add as many draped layouts, floral set-ups and props as you want without paying a penny. Great deal right? You can flaunt your sense of style with our wedding venues in Faridabad.

Here are some of our recommendations which you can consider while choosing a gorgeous venue for your upcoming wedding in Faridabad:

1. Farmhouse 964

Does not matter if you have a small guest list or a colossal one, this wedding venue in Faridabad is perfectly capable of accommodating your guests comfortably and in a relaxing manner. With all the fancy and exclusive amenities like sophisticated bedrooms that are decorated with pastel-coloured furniture having marble flooring, a giant swimming pool in the backyard with a chaise lounge, a garden shed having all kinds of floras and plants, a balcony cafe throwing the scintillating vibe, makes this marriage venue in Faridabad the best one in the nearby area. Moreover, this party place in Faridabad leaves a scope of customization and conceptualization if you want to plan theme-based pre-wedding functions.

Location- Sector 89

Price- 17000/night


2. Farmhouse 957

If you are planning to host an extravagant and grand wedding in the most upgraded party place in Faridabad, then make your way towards this gracious and pretty as picture party venue called Farmhouse 957. This wedding venue in Faridabad is settled on the outskirts of Mathura road is a 3 story building having fully air-conditioned surroundings, huge and spacious living room spaces with marble flooring, delicate lamp and candle decor, bright and radiant bedrooms with simple and minimalist furniture totally contrasting the whole look, sophisticated couches with over-sized cushions, a welcoming garden at the back of the marriage venue in Faridabad which has a pool with a lounge where you can arrange a cocktail or Sangeet party. If you have a decent budget in your hand, then consider this lavish party venue in Faridabad for your upcoming wedding.

Location- Mathura Road

Price- 13000/night


3. Farmhouse 318

This huge and fancy party venue in Faridabad is a very popular and hyped place for weddings in Faridabad because of its gorgeousness and elegance. This marriage venue in Faridabad is well-known for its elegant and exquisite exteriors, wide lawn area welcoming you at the premises, the radiant living area with a modular kitchen attached, throwing a sophisticated vibe. If you have a colossal guest list, and you are looking for a party venue far away from the busy city life where you and your guests can enjoy freely then you can book this stunning farmhouse for wedding in Faridabad as it's spacious and cosy at the same time. Moreover, this place is on the borders of sector 41, making commuting easier and faster.

Location- Sector 41

Price- 19000/night


4. Farmhouse 290

This gorgeous marriage venue in Faridabad tops our list of trendy and chic party places as this whole property is beautifully decorated in blush pink and coral colour that completely fits well with the little artsy wooden furniture and modern white marble flooring. This budget-friendly wedding venue in Faridabad is settled in the arms of the peaceful area of Surajkund offering you a soothing and homely vibe. Moreover, if you are planning to host a basic yet out-of-the-dream wedding and want to add up your ideas and concepts then we welcome you to do customization as per your needs in our party venues in Faridabad without any additional charges. 

Location- Surajkund

Price- 15000/night


How to book venue in Faridabad for a wedding?

Our venue experts will take up all your queries and guide you with all the alluring and best party places in Faridabad where you can host your grand wedding with your beautiful family and friends. All you have to do is follow this basic procedure for renting the best party places such as farmhouses or villas for a wedding in Faridabad.

Step 1: Visit our user-friendly portal, you’ll find an inquiry form where you have to provide us details like location, booking date and venue type and budget.

Step 2: You will be diverted to the desired wedding venues in Faridabad that are suitable as per your requirements.

Step 3: By giving out details like your name, mobile number, and e-mail ID, you get access to all the fabulous tie-ups we have. These listings would come with detailed amenities and photos that would aid you to select and finalize better.

To discuss further your booking, you would be forwarded to our venue experts, who would then contact you over a call as soon as possible and would aid to satiate your query. You can also opt to directly call and talk to our venue experts on the number 8860038373.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Faridabad with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Farmhouse 651 Suraj Kund.Faridabad ₹21250/night
Farmhouse 350 Sector 41.Faridabad ₹23500/night
Farmhouse 694 Sector 89.Faridabad ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 393 Green Fields Colony.Faridabad ₹28500/night
Farmhouse 509 Mathura Road.Faridabad ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 290 Suraj Kund.Faridabad ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 318 Sector 41.Faridabad ₹23500/night
Farmhouse 983 Green Fields Colony.Faridabad ₹28500/night
Farmhouse 420 sector 41.Faridabad ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 957 Mathura Road.Faridabad ₹18000/night
Villa 826 Suraj Kund.Faridabad ₹8500/night