List of Birthday Party Venues / Places in Gurgaon

Birthday parties are the fabulous occasions that we plan all year-round. Be it ours, our best friend's or any of our near and dear ones, we take keen interest in making it the best day of their year.

This is an occasion which demands all the planning, execution, creativity and style that you can extract using your imagination.

With the prevalence and presence of a lot of birthday party places, you can find some great birthday party places in Gurgaon but that would require in-depth analysis and searching which would require a lot of time, energy and effort.

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Top Birthday Party Places / Venues in Gurgaon

There are various types of celebrations and functions that we take part in our day to day lives. There is an uncountable number of celebrations that exist in this world. It does not depend on who you are or how old you are, this occasion is never going to be boring or tedious. The celebration is none other than birthdays.

Birthdays are, without a doubt, one of the most important and special days in our lives. This day comes in with a lot of expectations and it especially demands to be celebrated with all the pomp and show. Birthdays are a special occasion not just for the person in question but also for their friends and family members.

This occasion gives others and the loved ones a chance to show the person how much they are valued and loved. Small gestures like singing the birthday song in unison, throwing a party, or cutting the cake together give the person a lot of joy. It tells them how important their very existence is crucial to the life of others.

Thus, if yours or your favorite person's birthday is just around the corner, make sure you are throwing them a birthday party like never before. Organizing birthdays are pretty easy and it is something that we have all organized at some point in time. But to make it actually stand out, you must celebrate it differently.

The celebration can be a common one but the party does not have to follow the same old traditional style. The approach of the party should alter and certain variations bring in a huge change which in turn enhances the party.


One such major approach to a birthday party that you can definitely consider is playing with the venue. Ditch all the restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs to book a farmhouse or villa to organize the birthday party that you always dreamt of. Here's why:

1. Villas are beautiful and vast properties that do not restrict you to certain areas or time limits.

2. They are great for huge extended parties.

3. Unlike pubs and night clubs, you have full freedom of all things. From the music to the food, you are the boss of everything.

4. Farmhouses are comfortable and cozy that makes you feel at home and yet you can have a crazy time.


List of Top Birthday Party Places in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a great place for birthday parties. It not only has the infrastructure to support all the over-the-top birthday parties but it also has a vibrant ambiance that helps in setting the mood. Gurgaon is quite popular for all the recreational activities that it offers and it is not going to be an overstatement when we say that Gurgaon is soon turning to be the most happening party destination in the country.

So, without any further adieu, let's take a look at some of the birthday party venues in Gurgaon that you must definitely consider for your party:

1> Farm 6655

When we are talking about this birthday party venue in Sohna Road Gurgaon, we must discuss sophistication and intricacy. If you have always been a fan of good architecture, style, and comfort, you are going to love this place. The property is absolutely wonderful with great designs, beautiful gardens, lawns, spacious rooms, and most importantly a homely atmosphere. The area is massive and comes with different sections with interesting activities that engage people of all kinds.


2> House 57

This party venue is one of the top birthday party venues in Gurgaon. It has been very consistent with its great quality of services. The management makes sure that you are having a wonderful time and takes care of every small aspect that can help you with your essential party needs. The place is incredibly perfect as a venue for a house party. It comes with all the modern amenities that make your time here very relaxed.


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Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Gurgaon with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
House 320 Golf Course Road.Gurgaon ₹6000/night
House 265 Golf Course Road.Gurgaon ₹13000/night
Villa 504 Vatika.Gurgaon ₹8500/night
Villa 692 Sector 68.Gurgaon ₹7000/night
Villa 236 Sector 31.Gurgaon ₹10000/night
House 880 Sector 31.Gurgaon ₹7000/night
Villa 758 Sector 31.Gurgaon ₹7000/night
Villa 270 MG Road.Gurgaon ₹11000/night
Farmhouse 78 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 491 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 116 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹21250/night