List of Pre Wedding Shoot Venues / Places in Noida

Are you in search of a gorgeous venue where you see yourself having the dreamy pre-wedding photo shoot just before the wedding when you are counting days of your singlehood? Well if yes, then PartyVilla here have the most picturesque and glorious places in Noida to capture some natural and intimate shots with your better half.

Venues for the pre-wedding shoot will also grant you some private time to bond with the one you are going to get married too soon. PartyVillas is an online platform that acts as a bridge between us and our guests and provides them with the most suitable venue type according to their taste, preferences and purpose of booking.

PartyVillas will take you on the journey of their most lavish and exquisite farmhouses and villas that you can consider for your pre-wedding photoshoot. These are all budget-friendly properties that can make your dreams come true without doing a burning hole in your pocket.


PartyVillas - Your Next Stop for a Pre-wedding Photoshoot

If you reside somewhere around Noida, then you must know how difficult it is to find the right property where you can obtain all the necessary amenities and also, the extra-long booking procedures makes it very hard for the users to ret a private property in Noida. That’s where PartyVillas come into the picture with an exquisite collection of beautiful and breathtaking venues for a pre-wedding shoot in Noida.

These state-of-the-art venues in Noida are located in fancy and high-class colonies and localities where you can set the setups of your pre-wedding shoot. Moreover, these venues in Noida will provide you top-most privacy to our guests so that they won’t feel uncomfortable while clicking and capturing the frames. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your guests.

The best venues in Noida are completely safe and secure, fully air-conditioned, well-furnished bright and radiant bedrooms, clean and hygienic restrooms, living room is attached with a modular kitchen. You will also find the widespread lawn covering the property and a huge and fancy swimming pool to go making the whole place for the pre-wedding shoot very chic and trendy. These Instagram-worthy gorgeous places in Noida are just a call away from you. Sounds fun, right?

We clearly understand the impact that covid19 is leaving on our lives hence, it is advisable to book an indoor place for a pre-wedding shoot that is regularly sanitized and maintain a level of cleanliness instead of going somewhere outside the city or country for the same.

Booking through PartyVillas is very convenient as you just have to fill an inquiry form where you can tell us the necessary details like venue type, locations, pre-wedding shoot date and your budget. We have a team of professional venue experts that will examine each property for you and provide you with the list of best places in Noida where you can set up your pre-wedding shoot.


Why choose PartyVillas to book a venue for a pre-wedding shoot?

Here are some reasons, why you should opt for a farmhouse in Noida for a pre-wedding shoot:

1. Scope of customization

A soon-to-be bride always has done brainstorming of ideas to select the finest and most supreme idea for her pre-wedding photoshoot. But what makes the photoshoot stand out is the location it is held in. That’s where PartyVillas comes with their elegant and sophisticated venues and serves them to you on a golden plate. Our beautiful venues in Noida are built in such a manner that they have left the scope of customization in décor according to the selected theme. Renting a farmhouse can be proved as a major game-changer as the venue will be enormous and well settled with perfect terrace sittings, spacious picturesque balcony area, pool to take surreal pictures and much more. The couple can add up as many props and photobooth as they want without spending a huge amount. Sounds amazing right?

2. Getaway

If you’re going to get married soon then you must desire to spend some bonding time with your loved one. So, grab this wonderful opportunity and drag your partner along with you to have a staycation in our farmhouses and villa while doing a pre-wedding photoshoot. Great idea right?


How to book a place for an incredible pre-wedding shoot in Noida?

With PartyVillas by your side, you can rent any venue in Noida like villas and farmhouses to have set your eyes on and that too in your pocket without creating a hole in your pocket. Every bride has a dream of living a luxurious life and clicks some romantic pictures with her loved one. PartyVillas can fulfil this dream into reality.

Our portal’s hassle-free digital interface allows you to do all the searching and securing of the bookings you make, within few minutes. For us at PartyVillas, providing you with the best surreal and pretty-as-a-picture venue for a pre-wedding shoot is the topmost concern. Follow these basic steps and let our experts do all the work for you by that I mean finding the best venue type venue in Noida.

Step 1: Visit our portal, on the left side you’ll find an inquiry form where you have to provide us details like location, booking date and venue type.

Step 2: You will be diverted to the desired venues types for you to have a blasting shoot. 

Step 3: By giving out details like your name, mobile number, and e-mail ID, you get access to all the fabulous tie-ups we have. These listings would come with detailed amenities and photos that would aid you to select and finalize better.

Alternatively, you can also connect directly to our venue experts to satiate any queries or doubts that you may have, at +91-8860038373.


Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Noida with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Villa 78 Sector 61.Noida ₹13000/night
Farmhouse 994 Sector 135.Noida ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 964 Sector 135.Noida ₹30000/night
Villa 954 Sector 41.Noida ₹10500/night
Farmhouse 814 Sector 135.Noida ₹19250/night
Farmhouse 501 Sector 135.Noida ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 544 Sector 73.Noida ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 422 Sector 52.Noida ₹21250/night
Farmhouse 644 Sector 70.Noida ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 273 Sector 70.Noida ₹18000/night
Farmhouse 749 Greater Noida.Noida ₹24500/night