List of Private Party Venues / Places in Gurgaon

When we think of spending some solo time with our friends and our loved ones, we almost intuitively think of private party venues in Gurgaon. Whether it be our friend’s birthday, or our anniversary, or even our birthdays, we all now are bored from the boisterous clubs, pubs and bars and seek some private time and space. 

For this recluse, PartyVillas introduces the spectacular and the fabulous private party venues in Gurgaon for you all. With the amazing sets of amenities and the fabulous location n offer, private party venues in Gurgaon are high on our trending list of best places to party at.

To make your special event even more special, connect with our venue experts to gain access to the fabulous venues for private party in Gurgaon.

Top Private Party Venues in Gurgaon

Parties in India play one of the most important roles in the life of its citizens. There exists no Indian who would not have a part of themselves where they just want to party all day and night. But gone are the days when parties only meant a huge gang of people dancing to loud music and sipping drinks. With time, a variety of parties have come to play that Indians have started getting accustomed to.

Private parties are one such type of partying that offers people with personal space. Private parties have turned into something that we have started being inclined to. These parties, whether big or small, offer you to have a fun time with friends and family in your own personal space. There are various occasions in India like weddings, birthday parties, and engagement parties that fall under this category and there does not exist a better place to party than in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is one of the most happening cities in India. It's people, the warmth and welcoming nature of the place give party lovers a vibrant mood. There are a ton of awesome private party venues in Gurgaon that are great for all kinds of occasions.

However, to spice things up a bit, Gurgaon has come up with a great series of venues for private parties in Gurgaon that have moved away from the traditional definition of partying. This new change has been possible because of the onset of venues like farmhouses, villas, and houses for private parties.

Best Venue Type for Private Parties in Gurgaon

Banquets hall, restaurants, and pubs have been a go-to place for all kinds of parties for the longest time. But here is your chance to organize a private party in a new and distinct manner. Here are some of the ways in which farmhouses and villas are better than other traditional private party venues in Gurgaon:

1> Farmhouses, unlike restaurants and banquet halls, provide you with a bigger space and varied elements that enhance the overall occasion.

2> Villas are mostly located away from the city which gives you a chance to take an excursion in the lap of nature.

3> Booking a house as a venue for a private party in Gurgaon gives you the opportunity to party differently and therefore to stand out.

Farmhouse & Villas for Private Party

Thus, there is nothing really like booking a farmhouse or villa as a private party venue in Gurgaon. We know how difficult it can get to pick just the right venue from such a wide variety. So, don't worry here we are with the best choices of venues that you must absolutely take into consideration:

1> This is one of those places in Gurgaon that has been popular for quite some time now. The service and the management of this venue for private parties in Gurgaon have a reputation for serving their customers in the most impeccable way possible. With an expert team and a beautiful setting, this space has developed a firm grip on the very tactic of private party planning. So go ahead and book your dates now!

2> Do you have a time crunch to plan that dreamy destination private party that you always hoped for? Well, say no more. This Gurgaon private party venue has come up with just the ideal solution for you. See your dreams turning into reality at this beautiful venue with contemporary designs, modern facilities, and most importantly, a pocket-friendly budget.

Visit PartyVillas today to find the fanciest party venues. We promise to make your party experience a memorable one which will not only make you party harder with your favorite people but it will also help you stand out and make a mark.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Gurgaon with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
House 320 Golf Course Road.Gurgaon ₹6000/night
House 265 Golf Course Road.Gurgaon ₹13000/night
Villa 504 Vatika.Gurgaon ₹8500/night
Villa 692 Sector 68.Gurgaon ₹7000/night
Villa 236 Sector 31.Gurgaon ₹10000/night
House 880 Sector 31.Gurgaon ₹7000/night
Villa 758 Sector 31.Gurgaon ₹7000/night
Villa 270 MG Road.Gurgaon ₹11000/night
Farmhouse 78 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 491 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹27000/night
Farmhouse 116 Manesar.Gurgaon ₹21250/night