List of Birthday Party Venues / Places in Delhi

Are your birthday around the corner and you are planning to have a birthday party in your comfort zone, chilling with your friends by the pool splashing water on each other and cutting the cake under the sky full of moonlight and sparkling stars? But planning a birthday party all by yourself can be a hectic task. And if you’re leaving the whole task for the last minute, it can definitely attack your pocket and it not-so-good- way.

PartyVillas here can help you plan for your next birthday party with a blast by offering our budget-friendly farmhouses and villas according to your taste, preferences to choose from. Before booking a place for a birthday party, the major task is to check and analyze every suitable venue, discussing with the managers about the party place and the amenities they are providing, scrutinizing the property sizes, and comparing their prices. And you don’t have to put time and energy into this task? It’s our work!

Birthday Party Celebration Places/Venues in Delhi

Delhi is one of the major havens for party lovers in the country. Thus if you are from Delhi, you will be flooded with partying options. Be it a birthday party, a bachelor party, an anniversary party, or even a Diwali Cards Party, Delhi will surprise you with its offerings. Therefore, partying options are aplenty in Delhi. You will never run out of places to celebrate togetherness with your friends and family. So, these places belong to a varied range of budgets as well. Therefore, whether you love flamboyance at your party or just wish to have a soothing evening under the stars in the city, the party venues in Delhi do have you covered.

If you are planning to throw a birthday party in the city, opt for a farmhouse, private house, or villas. Every place has its own distinct ambiance and amenities. So, there will never be a dearth of options in birthday party venues in Delhi for you to choose from. Each of the venues comes with modern and state-of-the-art facilities so that your guests do not feel bored at your birthday party ever. So, opportunities are immense at one of these birthday party places in Delhi.

Why should you choose a party planner for your birthday party in Delhi?

Since the options available to you are immense, to save time, you could ask a professional party planner to help you out in planning your birthday party in Delhi. You can look for the nearest farmhouse or villa. This also helps you save valuable time which would have otherwise been spent traveling. Your guests and you can then concentrate more on spend quality time together. Therefore, all of you do not have to worry about spending hours on the road commuting to the venue.

However, if you wish to choose a venue that suits the way that you envision your birthday bash, then the search for venues can get a bit hectic. This is why people generally take the aid of party planners. The party planners have the knowledge of all the birthday party celebration venues in Delhi. Therefore, valuable time will be saved in venue scouting. Besides this, they also have the inside knowledge of all of these venues. Therefore, they will be able to guide you properly on which kind of venue you ought to choose for your party.

There are quite a few farms and villas in the city where you can celebrate your birthday. Each of these birthday celebration venues in Delhi excels in their own way. So, to assist you in the book the right villa or farmhouse for your birthday, the executives will take you through the nitty-gritty of each place. They will also look over the price of the venue for you so that you don’t end up paying exorbitant prices.

How should you decorate the birthday party venue?

You should extensively pay attention to the decoration of the venue hosting the birthday party of your kid. Kids love elaborate gestures and wait eagerly for their birthdays the entire year. Therefore, to make the party even more exciting for them, you could plan to have themed birthday parties. Themed birthday parties let the kids enjoy their birthdays to the fullest. Because of this, kids get the chance of donning fancy costumes to emulate their favorite characters. Furthermore, you could also take the effort a notch higher with the cake and the menu inspired by the theme of the birthday bash. So, opportunities are plenty for kids’ birthday parties.

If the birthday is of an adult, taking a break from the daily routine is what interests him/ her. Therefore, in contrast to the flamboyant and colorful birthday decoration for the kids, adults, generally, like to keep the decorations chic and simple. Furthermore, you could also have a themed birthday celebration for the adults as well. Special events like the 25th, 50, or the 75th birthday could be celebrated with great pomp and show with a jazzy decoration.

To have a themed birthday celebration, no other venue fits the bill more than farmhouses or villas. You can let your imagination go wild in such venues to celebrate a birthday in Delhi. In other words, the scope of having a grander celebration increases if you book any one of these two venues.

Refreshments at these places to celebrate a birthday in Delhi:

We all know that refreshments are the most aspect of a party. Even if the guests compromise with the chosen venue to a certain extent, they won’t be so generous with the food. Therefore, you ought to arrange for the most flavorsome food items at your birthday party. This birthday celebration venues in Delhi have all the kitchen equipment. You can, therefore, cook your favorite dishes in the farmhouses or the villas. However, if you are not in the mood to cook food yourself, you can order food too.

These places to celebrate birthday in Delhi are located in the close vicinity of all the food delivering apps and famous restaurants. So, running out of food is never an option at any one of these private properties.

Refreshments also include beverages. Most of these venues allow alcohol and other kinds of beverages inside its premises. Therefore, you don’t have to celebrate a dry birthday party with your friends. So, have the most colorful party with your guests.


Why choose Partyvillas for your birthday party in Delhi?

Partyvillas has brought all the best birthday party venues in Delhi on a single platform. So, browsing through birthday party venues is not a pain-staking process anymore. You will have premium access to all such venues through us. Along with this, these venues are listed at the most affordable rates on our website. Therefore, courtesy of our services, your favorite venue at affordable rates is just a few clicks away.

Reach out to us today to know more about such birthday party venues in Delhi at competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Party Venues in Delhi

Where and how can I celebrate my birthday in Delhi?

You can celebrate your birthday in Delhi in the myriad farmhouses and villas in Delhi. These birthdays celebration venues in Delhi are always the best option to enjoy the day to the fullest. A few of them are:

  • 1. North Terrace Villa, Mukherjee Nagar;
  • 2. Panchsheel Villa 54, Pachsheel; and
  • 3. Chattarpur Farmhouse 12, Chattarpur.
You can celebrate your birthday with a grand decoration and with an elaborate feast with your loved ones at any one of the birthday celebration places in Delhi listed on your website.

Where should I celebrate my loved one's birthday in Delhi?

Some of the places where you can host your BF’s birthday party are:

  • 1. Civil Line Villa – 51, Civil Lines;
  • 2. Chattarpur Farmhouse 13, Chattarpur; and
  • 3. Chattarpur Villa 52, Chattarpur.

Which place is best for birthday celebration?

Undoubtedly, a farmhouse or a villa is the best option to celebrate your birthday because you will not be restricted to any rules for the entire day.

Where can I celebrate my better half's birthday in Delhi?

To flatter your girlfriend on her birthday, you could plan a surprise party. To get professional help, get in touch with us at (+91) 96506 81986.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Delhi with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Villa 450 Vasant Kunj.Delhi ₹8500/night
House 955 Vasant Kunj.Delhi ₹7000/night
House 624 Shahdara.Delhi ₹10500/night
Villa 470 Malviya Nagar.Delhi ₹8500/night
Villa 356 Shahdara.Delhi ₹11000/night
House 416 Shahdara.Delhi ₹12000/night
House 810 Civil Lines.Delhi ₹9000/night
House 779 Civil Lines.Delhi ₹9000/night
House 157 Defence Colony.Delhi ₹8000/night
Villa 452 Friends Colony West.Delhi ₹10500/night
House 581 Chattarpur.Delhi ₹9000/night