List of Popular Villa / House in Bangalore

If you’re looking for spectacular villas for party in Bangalore with an intimate setting and mind-blowing amenities at the same time, take it from our seasoned venue experts, who highly recommend villas in Bangalore for party.

Villas for party in Bangalore are an exclusive and upcoming trend in the city, to celebrate occasions like birthdays, bachelors’ party, bachelorettes’ party, and more such intimate and momentous occasions.

Spectacular amenities like a beautiful open rooftop party space, terrific sun-lit bedrooms, ambient living rooms and most importantly all of these amenities would be at villas for party in Bangalore that fits comfortably in your budget.

PartyVillas has got the best villas in Bangalore for party. These heavenly party places in Bangalore offer you un-paralleled space and time to host an intimate party for you and your loved ones. Our venues offer a splendid views and are rich in terms of social capital.

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Bachelors’ and bachelorettes’ party is the last party that a person celebrates with their friends as a mark of the perishing un-married life. To make it even more exciting, we offer fabulous villas for party in Bangalore.

This is a time wherein you would seek a place that could satiate your desires and moreover yield you the space to relish and delve into the mood of your wedding. To bond and rekindle with your friends in a comfortable space, the desire would now be fulfilled.

Whether you wish to have a rooftop barbeque party under the stars, or whether you wish to delve headfirst in perhaps the last full-fledged FIFA night with your homies, we have it all covered.

With PartyVillas by your side, you can afford the luxury of being sure about your villas for party in Bangalore. For this party of yours to be a grand success, it is imperative that we make finding a great venue to be our top priority. With sparkling villas in Bangalore for party, we have a plethora of reasons and experiences to back our claim that these venues would exhilarate and excite you beyond measures.

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Top 3 Recommendations Villas for Party in Bangalore -

To assist you even further, here are our top 3 recommendations of Villas for party in Bangalore, based upon the reviews and the ratings we have garnered from our users.

Villa 201

Situated in the beautiful neighbourhood of Amrita Nagar, Villa 201 is a beautiful place to have a birthday party, house party, bachelors’ party, and bachelorettes’ party. This 3 BHK fully furnished villa for party in Bangalore, comes with a terrace that is pitch-perfect for stargazing under a serene night sky. Ideal to host about 50 guests, it is for a reason that Villa 201 is one of the most sought-after villas for party in Bangalore.

House 20

House 20 is one the most beautiful villas for party in Bangalore we have in the area of Guddadahalli, Bangalore. This pretty and sturdy, House 20 caters to the about 80 people, under its spectacular 4 BHK set-up. With ambient hallways, fabulous living area, and above all breath-taking view of the skyline that it yields from its spacious terrace, it is beyond an iota of a doubt that this place is a stealer of hearts.

House 310

Situated near the Jigani – APC circle, House 310 is perhaps the best in the segment of villas for party in Bangalore. With its radiant vibe and a scintillating atmosphere, this place is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the city. With its fully furnished 4 BHK set-up and pretty wooden flooring, this place also boasts of amazing view from its terrace. House 310 also has great connectivity by road, making it convenient for your guests to travel.

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