List of Popular Farmhouse in Faridabad

Farmhouse in Faridabad for party come with state-of-the-art amenities and fabulous facilities. Amenities at disposal like superb swimming pool, huge green lawns inside of the premises, cleaner and non-polluted environment, and the zealous atmosphere around, makes farmhouse in Faridabad for party a real competition to other commercialized party places around the NCR.

Partyvillas has the best and the most popular farmhouse for party in Faridabad under its wings. At locations that are rightfully so, the centre of the social capital in the city, our venues never cease to amuse, excite and sway you away.

Faridabad is one the most pristine places in Delhi NCR for a party. With lush green vegetation cover all around, beautiful landscape and scenic beauty, farmhouse in Faridabad for party are most certainly a stealer of hearts. With close proximity to the national capital Delhi and the corporate hub Gurgaon, connectivity is also supreme in more standards than one. With superb stretches of road, both from Delhi and Gurgaon, travel via road to farmhouse in Faridabad for party is not only comfortable but owing to the Aravalli ranges around, is scenic as well.

Not only this, metro offers cheap modes of transportation to and from the city as well. In a nutshell, farmhouse for party in Faridabad is just a classic representation of luxury and style.

Book/Rent Farmhouse in Faridabad for Party

Farmhouse in Faridabad for party are very diverse and versatile in nature. With ample of room to accommodate your guests, the excitement and the mind-blowing atmosphere, farmhouse in Faridabad for party are sheer gold wrapped in bricks and concrete.

Despite so many pros, farmhouse in Faridabad for party comes at a taxing cost of being difficult to find. Even though there are so many options, finding that one ideal farmhouse for pool party in Faridabad is tough. You would have to go through the boring listings on the ‘Yellow Pagers’ or the internet and it still wouldn’t satiate your soul.

That’s where we step in. Partyvillas functions on the underlying philosophy that finding that ideal starry farmhouse for party in Faridabad should be hassle-free for you. That’s why we present our portal, which is a one-stop-shop for all your booking related queries.

Here, you can browse, compare and select your favourite farmhouse for pool party in Faridabad, in a matter of minutes. On top of it, our services are completely free.

To expedite your desire being a reality, here is our recommendation of top 3, most popular farmhouse for pool party in Faridabad. We provide you with only the best, and the best in Faridabad are: -


1. Farmhouse 651

Farm 651 is an extremely unique and exquisite farmhouse for party in Faridabad, by its very essence. It offers a surrounding of huge plots of mustard farms around and simultaneously all the ambient luxuries inside of the premises, thus being best in both the worlds. With its spectacularly radiant and sun-lit atmosphere, it’s a no shocker when we say this is literally the crown jewel in the category of farmhouse for party in Faridabad.

Location: Suraj Kund

Price: Rs. 23,000/night.


2. Farmhouse 694

According to the popular reviews, Farm 694 exemplifies luxury and class, both at once. It offers amenities like a spectacular pool, long stretches of lush green lawns, fabulous snooker table, and beautiful wooden flooring across the bedrooms. With a scintillating vibe and a radiant atmosphere, Farm 694 is always on the trending list if the best farmhouse for pool party in Faridabad.

Location: Sector 89

Price: Rs. 17,000/night


3. Farmhouse 420

Farm 420 reeks of a royal and heritage tone in terms of décor and ambiance. With archaic style of Indian architecture, this is the sturdiest contender for the title of the best farmhouse in Faridabad for party. With a nostalgic red roof and white walls, the sun-lit bedrooms, the radiant living area, and the ecstatic lush green lawns around, farmhouse 420 is notorious and infamous for stealing your guests’ heart away.

Location: Sector 41

Price: Rs. 17,000/night

To gain access to more such fabulous and fantastic farmhouse in Faridabad for party, visit our portal and by simply putting in your desired Location, Date for your party, the Venue type, you get highly our superb listings in the category for farmhouse in Faridabad for party.

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