List of Birthday Party Venues / Places in Noida

Is your birthday right around the corner and you are bored of hosting those monotonous birthday celebrations in expensive and overcrowded party venues like restaurants and clubs? Then this time ditch those jammed spaces and spend some quality and intimate time with your close family and friends.

PartyVillas present some pretty party venues in Noida with eye-catching layouts, marvellous and delicate exteriors, radiant bright bedroom spaces, a well-furnished living area attached to the kitchen. These pocket-friendly birthday party places in Noida will provide you with the opportunity to have some bonding time with your loved ones without doing a burning hole in your pocket.

Not only this our venue providers will take up your queries and requirements seriously and send you the list of party places like farmhouses and villas that will fit the criteria rightly without any additional cost. These top-notch party venues in Noida for a birthday party will leave your guests awe-struck with its living conditions.

Best Birthday Party Venues in Noida

Have you been thinking of planning a birthday bash with your friends in a party venue? Are you tired of planning your birthday venture in your residence at the time? How does the idea of celebrating your birthday in a private property seem to you? Yes, you can now enjoy an exclusive and private birthday party in one of the birthday party venues in Noida. Therefore, give your usual birthday party a colorful twist this year and make truckloads of memories with your loved ones.

Noida has a surprising number of upcoming birthday party venues. These venues excel in making your birthday party the most pleasant experience of your life. These places to celebrate birthday in Noida have all the modern amenities for partying. So, whether you wish to have an intimate and cozy get-together or want to go all out on your birthday, these places can cater to all your party needs.

Therefore, you don’t have to curb your party preferences according to the available venues anymore. That is to say, you have all the independence to celebrate the kind of party that you wish to have on your birthday.


Why Should I choose Noida for Birthday Party?

Among the variety of birthday party venues in Noida, farmhouses, villas, and private party venues are the best options to consider. They give you greater freedom at your birthday party. Along with the access to the entire party space, you can customize your birthday party as per your wish in these venues. If you wish to know more about the kind of venues on offer, you can refer to the following birthday party places in Noida:


1. Farmhouse 3301, Sector 135

Are you looking for one of the best birthday party venues in Noida? Have you been worried about finding a good farmhouse for 100-150 guests? If that is the case, Farmhouse 3301 – Sector 135 is the perfect fit for you. The farmhouse has one huge lawn, one big hall, two rooms with attached bedrooms, and a luxurious pool. Thus a pool party is an option for you to explore at your birthday party in Farmhouse 3301.

Other than this, the farmhouse has all the crockeries and kitchen equipment required to cook a meal. You could also order food from the outside as all the major food delivery apps deliver to this farmhouse. With gorgeous interior both in the interior and exterior spaces of the farmhouse, Farmhouse 3301 is a great choice for hosting birthday parties.


2. House 1013 No. Sector 61

House parties are a great way to celebrate your birthday. Not only will you be able to celebrate your birthday outside your house but also will be able to enjoy privately with your friends and family. So, if you are on a shoe-string but still wish to host a birthday bash, private house parties are great options.

House 1013 No. is a cool house party venue where you can party for 24 hours. The house has two bedrooms and one hall and is entirely air-conditioned. If you are planning to invite 15 to 20 guests over, House 1013 is just the right venue for you.


Advantages of Celebrating Birthday Party in a Farmhouse/Villa?

There are tons of advantages of celebrating a birthday party in a farmhouse, a private party venue, or a villa.

1. Private party venues are exclusively booked for a single party. This means that you will be able to roam around in the entire property without having to worry about any restrictions. So, have a royal party on your birthday at these venues without a single glitch.

2. If you book a farmhouse, a pool party, a terrace party, and a barbecue party are a raging possibility on your birthday. No other party venue gives you this opportunity of having a multiple-party birthday celebration other than a farmhouse.

3. Private party venues are more affordable and cost-effective than other party venues. Along with giving you access to the entire party area, you can book a private party area for an entire day or even for a few hours. Therefore, the flexibility of partying and hence, saving money is immense in the case of such party venues.

Additionally, booking a private party venue for an entire day is cheaper than taking your friends and family to any other popular party venue. So, reach out to us today to get the best deals on the birthday party venues in Noida.


Why PartyVillas?

Partyvillas is a party planning organization that brings all the happening birthday party venues in Noida under a single roof. This means that you will get the best deals on the best birthday party venues in Noida through us. Along with this, we will provide you with the other necessary resources for your birthday party.

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Noida with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Villa 78 Sector 61.Noida ₹13000/night
Farmhouse 994 Sector 135.Noida ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 964 Sector 135.Noida ₹30000/night
Villa 954 Sector 41.Noida ₹10500/night
Farmhouse 814 Sector 135.Noida ₹19250/night
Farmhouse 501 Sector 135.Noida ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 971 Sector 70.Noida ₹23500/night
Farmhouse 422 Sector 52.Noida ₹21250/night
Farmhouse 644 Sector 70.Noida ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 273 Sector 70.Noida ₹18000/night
Farmhouse 749 Greater Noida.Noida ₹24500/night