List of Birthday Party Venues / Places in Ghaziabad

Birthdays are something we look out for, all year round. It is the day wherein we wish to have a blast and live the day having fun with our friends and family. Relishing in the joy and exuberance is something which we all anticipate for the day.

We at PartyVillas understand your desire to have things palatable according to your wish. But parallelly, we also understand the intricacies involved. The most important is selecting perfect birthday party venues in Ghaziabad.

To save you lots of time and effort, venue experts at PartyVillas, make it super -easy for you to analyse and select your dream venue by bringing the best birthday party places in Ghaziabad all at one place. It is your special day after all and we want you to focus only on the celebrations.

To make your special day even more special, PartyVillas aims to add the extra zing by making your birthday party the coolest in town that night. With an assortment of the most famous birthday party places in Ghaziabad, we deliver all the party venues to you.

Top Birthday Party Places in Ghaziabad

PartyVillas aids you in celebrating your birthday in the best manner possible. Right from bringing all the great names in the business on one portal, to assisting you in looking for the ideal and cheap birthday party places to even keeping a close look at all the preparations you asked for in the event, all would be handled by the best in the industry venue experts who work with us.

Birthday party venues in Ghaziabad are gigantic arenas for hosting a world class party with amenities like swimming pool, pretty gazebos, lush green lawns and huge indoor spaces for party. 

Birthday party places in Ghaziabad are exemplification of what luxury means. Set on the foothills of the beautiful hill ranges, the area is full of natural vegetation, great forest coves and birthday party venues in Ghaziabad. This gives off a very peaceful vibe and resonates with your desire to have a superb and enriching birthday party. Be it for you or your friend’s birthday party, birthday party places in Ghaziabad never ceases to amuse and excite you. 

With the huge demand to these magnanimous and amazing party places, over the years the number of these birthday party places in Ghaziabad. Coming in different sizes, types and locations even within the large area of Ghaziabad, it has in today’s date become a living nightmare to find that perfect birthday party venues in Ghaziabad which fulfils your criteria and desire. 

Not to forget the venue plays a pivotal role in making or breaking a party and thus it is extremely vital to select the place that matches with your idea of the kind of party you wish to host. 


Why to book for the fabulous birthday party venues in Ghaziabad?

1. In Ghaziabad, with profound presence of public transport system like, cabs and buses, makes it very convenient and budget friendly to travel from one place to other. This makes shopping and travelling around extremely convenient and affordable.

2. We taking into consideration their desired location, budget, size of the place, number of the guests, recommend you the best birthday party venues in Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad has a lot of options for all ranges of budgets. 

3. The benefit of this is that you would have your dream Roka at these gigantic farmhouses at an affordable cost at birthday party venues in Ghaziabad.

4. The scope for customization of decoration is beyond imagination. Birthday party venues in Ghaziabad offers an unparalleled range of décor and customizations so that your dream birthday party places in Ghaziabad is as surreal as you thought.


How to book the best birthday party venues in Ghaziabad?

Browsing, comparing and finalizing the best birthday party places in Ghaziabad is now a cakewalk. With our user-friendly interface, the erstwhile tiring and tedious task is now a matter of minutes. By following the simple steps, you can book just the perfect birthday party venues in Ghaziabad from the comfort of your house.

The steps with which you can book your ideal birthday party venues in Ghaziabad are: -

Step 1: To gain access to more such fabulous and fantastic birthday party places in Ghaziabad, visit our portal and by simply putting in your desired Location, Date for your party, the Venue type, you get highly our superb listings in the category for birthday party venues in Ghaziabad.

Step 2: By giving out details like your name, mobile number, and e-mail ID, you get access to all the fabulous tie-ups we have. These listings would come with detailed amenities and photos that would aid you to select and finalize better.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can also connect directly to our venue experts to satiate any queries or doubts that you may have, at +91-8860038373



Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Ghaziabad with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
House 400 Indirapuram.Ghaziabad ₹7000/night
House 438 Sahibabad.Ghaziabad ₹9000/night
House 447 Ashok Vatika.Ghaziabad ₹7500/night
Farmhouse 965 Meerut Bypass Rd.Ghaziabad ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 303 Ashok Vatika.Ghaziabad ₹24500/night
Farmhouse 882 Tyagi Vihar.Ghaziabad ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 539 Indirapuram.Ghaziabad ₹20000/night
Farmhouse 21 Sahibabad.Ghaziabad ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 460 Meerut Bypass Rd.Ghaziabad ₹24500/night
Farmhouse 316 Tyagi Vihar.Ghaziabad ₹25000/night
House 400 Indirapuram.Ghaziabad ₹7000/night