List of Bachelor Party Venues / Places in Noida

Are you going to get married soon? Is your best friend tying the knot in a few days? Well if yes, then it’s time to take up the responsibility and organize a blasting bachelor party. Bachelor party is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion where you create new laughing stock, go down the memory lane and say goodbye to the singlehood with a warm smile.

Are you hunting for a majestic yet chic party venue in Noida for a bachelor party? Planning a bachelor party can be an exhausting task starting with which place you should keep your bachelor party in. PartyVillas, with their professional team of venue providers, take you on a beautiful journey of their magical collection of party venues. 

PartyVillas has a well-elaborated range of alluring and well-decorated party venues like farmhouses and villas in Noida where you can surprise your friend by holding the page 3 bachelor party.

Our venue providers will ensure that the booked party venue is fully clean and sanitized, so you don’t have to worry about being in an unstable environment.

Best Bachelor Party Venues in Noida

Weddings are exciting. They require tons of customs and rituals to be performed. But the one thing that is not a ritual and is as popular as one is the bachelor/ bachelorette party. Friends, siblings, and cousins eagerly wait for bachelor/ bachelorette parties because that is the last day where they can spoil you to the fullest. Bridegrooms and brides also wait for the day with bated breath since the party is the last party where they can enjoy their singlehood. So, it is almost evident that a wedding will have a bachelor/ bachelorette party preceding it.

Since at your bachelor/ bachelorette party the guests and you will have unlimited fun, the party’s venue is extremely important. While it is true that you should pay attention to the arrangements at your party but a venue can make or break your party. Has that thought been making you anxious for the last few weeks? Well, you can now relax as partyvillas will provide you the best services.


Why Choose Noida for Bachelor Party?

Delhi NCR has a lot to offer in terms of the bachelor party venues. And among them, the best ones are from Noida. The diversity in the bachelor party venues in Noida is overwhelming. You can, therefore, have a lot of options to choose from.

The villas, farmhouses, and the house party places in Noida are the best suited for bachelor parties. That is to say, that these venues are the most appropriate to celebrate the last day of your bachelorhood. Additionally, a bachelor/ bachelorette party is a private party. So, it is only natural that you would like to book a place singularly booked for your party.


List of Top Bachelor Party Places in Noida

Among the best bachelor party venues in Noida, the following two are the most revered:

1. Farmhouse 1202, Sector 135

If beautiful lush green lawn and a grand pool are what you want at your bachelor party, Farmhouse 1202 No. is the place for you. The venue spells out ‘fun’ in bold. The farmhouse has 1 common room, 2 huge bedrooms with attached bathrooms. It can easily cater to 50 - 70 guests at your party. The added attraction of the farmhouse is its old-school charm and the beautiful sunsets which can be enjoyed from the terrace.


2. House 1013, Sector 61

This house party venue is for a more intimate bachelor party. House 1013 No. can easily accommodate 15 to 20 guests at your bachelor party. The venue has a regal and sophisticated appeal with its chic interior decoration. It is spacious enough for 15 to 20 people with two bedrooms and one hall, all fully air-conditioned.


Advantages of Celebrating Bachelor Party in Farmhouse or Villa

1. Booking a farmhouse, house party place, or a villa gives you a private place to organize your bachelor party. Therefore, the freedom and the ease of mobility will be much higher if you book a private party venue for your bachelor party.

2. Opting for a farmhouse offers you the chance to have an extended party. You can book the venue for an entire day and have a pool party, a lawn party, and even a bonding session with your friends on the lawn. Therefore, farmhouses are one of the best venues to celebrate bachelor party in Noida.

3. A private party location is cheaper and more affordable for a bachelor/ bachelorette party. Apart from the access to the other unique amenities, reserving an entire space for your party for a whole day is more logical than taking your friends to a bar or a lounge.


Why Choose PartyVillas?

Partyvillas provides you with a one-stop solution for all your party venue needs. On our website, you will get access to all the prime bachelor party venues in Noida. So, you don’t have to look at a thousand places to reassure your search for the best party venue. Additionally, all the listed venues come at the most affordable prices and lucrative deals. Therefore, money is the last thing that you have to lose sleep over.

So, get in touch with us today to book your favorite bachelor party venue in Noida at the earliest!

Top 10 Party Places/Venues in Noida with Price

Venue Name Address Prices
Villa 78 Sector 61.Noida ₹13000/night
Farmhouse 994 Sector 135.Noida ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 964 Sector 135.Noida ₹30000/night
Villa 954 Sector 41.Noida ₹10500/night
Farmhouse 814 Sector 135.Noida ₹19250/night
Farmhouse 501 Sector 135.Noida ₹25000/night
Farmhouse 971 Sector 70.Noida ₹23500/night
Farmhouse 952 Greater Noida.Noida ₹22000/night
Farmhouse 544 Sector 73.Noida ₹30000/night
Farmhouse 422 Sector 52.Noida ₹21250/night
Farmhouse 644 Sector 70.Noida ₹30000/night